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Equipping you to leverage the Unique Value of your employees to attract, influence, and lead. 

LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool out there right now. There are over 700 million users (and it’s only growing) and they’re there to make a presence and make an impact. You want to grab a chair and join the table because the discussion is good and your voice should be heard too. 
We help you get visible on LinkedIn, demonstrate your authority, and build relationships so you can easily sell your offers. We have the strategy, we know how to make it work for you so you don’t spend hours trying to learn a platform and come up with a new game plan. You get to keep focusing on what you’re best at, while we make sure you’re getting noticed on LinkedIn.

I get it. You made that LinkedIn account for your online resume years ago then you updated it to add your business to your work experience. Otherwise, you’ve just let your account sit there and every time you log in you’re annoyed with the spammy messages in your inbox. 

The Professional is Personal 

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Profile Optimization, Company Page Content, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Team Content, LinkedIn Strategy and Training. 

Take charge of your company's reputation and communicate a clear unified message across the board. Audit, Strategy, and Implementation.



Employer Branding 

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download now

What you'll find in the cheat sheet:

- Why you should be on LinkedIn
- How to set up your Profile with tips and examples
- How to use Hashtags
- Tips for connecting and networking

Even if you don't have time to start using the platform the same way you use Instagram or Facebook, you'll still want this on hand so you can set yourself up for success when you are ready and can refer back to it if you ever have a question.

LinkedIn isn't the platform you imagine it to be even just a year ago. It's rapidly changing and it's a fun and exciting place to be.

It's NOT simply your online resume.

Create and publish strategic content that attracts the right talent into your network and highlights the culture of your company. 
It's NOT simply your online resume.

"We're hiring" posts don't sell your company to a potential candidate.

In an increasingly digital world, people are looking online before applying.

🔸Help share the story and vision in an engaging way while marketing the amazing people you work with.

🔸Attract the right people into your network

🔸 Initiate conversations with people who are interested in and like what they see.

It's hard to get a sense and feel for your company when there isn't anything there.


Get off the bench, show up, and create opportunity. 

15 Content Prompts for Recruiters + talent ACQUISITION


Got questions on what to do with LinkedIn? Need someone to help you go over the best practices, tools, and tips to really make the most of the platform? In this 45-minute session you can ask your questions, pick my brain, and get support where you need it when it comes to using LinkedIn.

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Hire Britta for in person or virtual guest speaking opportunities relating to LinkedIn and best practices for both personal and professional.

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Set yourself up for success - Start using the most trusted networking platform.
Grab the cheat sheet to help you nail down the basics.

Need a quick intro to LinkedIn?



Andrea M.

Working with her has taken away the stress and confusion of what to do and how to do it when it. Bonus, she is a wonderful person and really fun to work with!


Eddiana R.

I worked with Britta to provide LinkedIn management support and she was beyond amazing, super responsive, knowledgeable and so friendly to work with. Britta is extremely polish and professional, it did not take time at all for her to know what I needed before I even knew what I needed. 

If you need any support on your social media accounts, trust me Britta is the girl for you.