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When she’s not designing away in Canva or helping her clients create a killer online presence, you can find Britta reading a juicy historical fiction novel, throwing punches at the boxing gym, or baking something delicious in a noisy kitchen with her two mini personal superheroes running around. 

Britta helps Leaders leverage LinkedIn to establish relationships that open doors of opportunity. From finding the common thread woven throughout your company that makes you unique and sharing it to attract and retain top talent to defining and building your own personal brand.

LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool out there right now. There are over 700 million users (and it’s only growing) and they’re there to make a presence and make an impact. You want to grab a chair and join the table because the discussion is good and your voice should be heard too. 
We help you get visible on LinkedIn, demonstrate your authority, and build relationships so you can easily sell your offers. We have the strategy, we know how to make it work for you so you don’t spend hours trying to learn a platform and come up with a new game plan. You get to keep focusing on what you’re best at, while we make sure you’re getting noticed on LinkedIn.

Britta loves to see you feel confident about showing up as yourself on LinkedIn, knowing that your message is Making an impact.

Britta Blanski - Owner 

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Michelle is a starburst-loving, travel and hiking enthusiast that lives in Washington State, but a true Minnesotan at heart.

She has been married for the past 11 years, and a mom to a beautiful baby girl!

She is the owner of Michelle Olsen Virtual Assistant, where she helps entrepreneurs elevate their brand by relieving social media stress and design confusion and automation chaos so they can achieve their wildest dreams while working in the background!

LinkedIn, Instagram, Design

Michelle Olsen

Anna Bradley is a wife, mom and the business owner of Most Sincerely, Anna, a company she began in 2018, so that she could work from anywhere her family travels! 
Anna prides herself on being sincere and authentic with her clients and enjoys helping her clients do the same. Whether it's building connections through social media or creating automated workflows through Dubsado that are personable, but streamlined, the goal is to help her clients build relationships that add value. 

LinkedIn, Instagram, Dubsado CRM 

anna bradley

My very first photo on IG is a picture of a flower and has zero likes

Give me a sparkling rose any day 

Flying makes me motion sick

I’m ambidextrous 

I speak Italian fluently 


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