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Hop on a call to ask your big questions and Pick my brain about using LinkedIn and leave feeling more confident about what you're doing. 

The LinkedIn Strategy Call is for the person who is ready to take action but wants to better understand this networking platform so they know how it really works and how it can be leveraged specifically for their personal or professional goals.

You want the 101, low-down, just-give-me-all-the-answers about LinkedIn. You don't have time to read blogs, watch videos, or just "give it a try". 

LinkedIn can feel confusing, cold, and "too professional". This call will reframe your approach to the platform and give you tools to start claiming your own space on the best networking platform for professionals, and leave with action items you can start implementing right away. 





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Lead Generation Strategy

Optimized Profile for best performance

Content Calendar + Messaging Templates 

12 posts written for LinkedIn to highlight expertise and increase visibility

2 -hour personalized training and strategy 

This premium service package includes:

no more guessing, no more putting it off because you don't know where to start. Get it done for you and be shown how to then make the most of what you've got.

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This is considered an all-comprehensive premium package for your LinkedIn account and strategy. By the end of the day your account will be updated and optimized, you will have original content created specifically for LinkedIn, and you will know exactly how to connect, message, and build strategic relationships on LinkedIn. You'll feel confident using LinkedIn and also be able to do so with ease. Your one stop shop for all things LinkedIn to start building momentum with your profile.  

WHETHER JOB SEEKER, LEADER, OR BUSINESS OWNER are you Looking to get your linkedin account optimized for optimal performance and use it more effectively? 

Premium Service

Profile optimization | Content Library | Strategy | TRAINING

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You'll feel excited and confident knowing your your LinkedIn profile is optimized for success. You'll know the why behind aspect of what you're sharing and know that's been created with intention and purpose to drive people to reach out to you.

No more boring, cold, "too professional", resume style approach to LinkedIn.

Are you ready to strategically set up your LinkedIn Profile to make an impact and spark conversation?

The personal is professional and you'LL know how to share your personal brand on the greatest networking platform. 

 Profile Optimization


Repurpose Instagram, Facebook posts 

Repurpose Videos, Audio

Get your already amazing content repurposed, formatted, and curated specifically for LinkedIn.

You have mastered your online visibility on other platforms from going live in your Facebook group or on Instagram to batching your content for the month and nurturing that email list. You want to expand your online presence to LinkedIn, yet you know that LinkedIn is different. You feel like what you're putting out isn't quite the right fit for LinkedIn..... and you're right! 

Imagine feeling confident about your LinkedIn presence. People will actually stop and read what you've shared. You're no longer cross-posting just for the sake of it. You can start and/or maintain your visibility on the most powerful networking platform out there and know that your content is being well received. 

LinkedIn IS different but Your message is just as equally as important. HOW you get it out there isn't the same as other online spaces.


Repurpose blogs, emails, newsletters


- LinkedIn Profile Audit and Optimization
- Content Calendar
- Content Creation or Repurposing for multiple social media platforms
- Content Curation
- Content Scheduling and Publishing
- Account Management 
- Engagement
- Analytics



Account Management 

Content Scheduling and Publishing

Content Creation or Repurposing for LinkedIn

Content Calendar

LinkedIn Profile Audit and Optimization

With a customized strategy I help with:

Through connecting, engaging, and relating to the right target audience on LinkedIn, I help build and grow an online presence to ultimately grow your business. 

Do you have a library of content ready to be published but don’t have time to repurpose it to get your voice out there across multiple platforms?

Are you ready to diversify your presence but it feels overwhelming to even start thinking of a new strategy and implement it?

Need to boost your LinkedIn visibility and engagement so you can keep on reeling in those leads?

Strategy + Management



Hire Britta for in person or virtual guest speaking opportunities relating to LinkedIn and best practices for both personal and professional.


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