How it started

I launched my social media management business just over 3 years ago after reaching burnout in my teaching job. I didn't go looking for LinkedIn, but LinkedIn found me.

Just like most online business owners, I knew I should be on LinkedIn but wasn't enthusiastic about intentionally using it as a social media platform.

It wasn't until I went all-in with a client on LinkedIn that I discovered just how incredible this now, not-so-secret corner of the internet is.

I have helped my clients grow their network to the thousands, full of ideal clients, get job interviews and offers in their expertise, land speaking opportunities, sell out their courses without publicly launching, and build their authority where they are recognized and known for their LinkedIn presence.

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Profile Optimization - what is actually needed on your profile to help you standout

The Art of Engaging - algorithm insight, best practices when it comes to commenting, what kind of comments to be leaving

Connection Requests- who to let into your network, what to write in that first message

Content Creation- what kind of content is appropriate for LinkedIn, hashtag use, what performs well, when to post

Relationship Building- how to keep the conversation going, how to stay visible and build authority

Analytics- what LinkedIn gives you, what to pay attention to, other ways to get insights

What makes LinkedIn unique compared to other platforms?

topics of interest